Kings and Queens

J. N. Eagles, 2019 –

This is the story of a queen and her struggle for a voice in a world designed for kings. It is told in verse, each page a poem of around ten lines. The book was a very quick read but the ideas present in it offered so many questions that you will end up spending a lot of time on it despite its length! 

The narrator is married off and goes from princess to wife in the first few pages. From the beginning we see that she is never given the authority she has the right to. Her king is irresponsible and selfish, his only desires are for power. She is ignored, treated as a jewel one looks at rather than a strong woman whose mind houses a million thoughts. Imprisoned in the traditions of her kingdom, enslaved in its misogynistic views, she tries to be heard but it is hard to believe in yourself when no-one else even considers the idea of your being more than an object! It seems the kingdom needs a king to work, and a queen is unsuitable in a position of such power.

But what is power? And what does it mean for those who have it. Rulers are forced to serve their kingdom, but they seem to lack all sorts of freedom; they are handcuffed to their throne. As for the queen, does she have a duty towards her kingdom or is her sole purpose to make the king look nice? Image and reputation seem to matter more than intimacy. The queen’s life seems empty of any relationships at the beginning. Her marriage appears purely political; can a queen even have love? Or is that not part of the package deal?

Throughout the book we are asked to question beauty. Can the queen be admired for her inner and outer beauty or will people only accept outer beauty. Will she learn to look beyond the walls others put up or will she too be led astray by the first impressions she gets of others…

This book was quite fascinating as it covered a range of themes surrounding women and the difference between having a talent and using it… Queens are expected to be perfect but J. N. Eagles went further and asked what this perfection entailed!

This wasn’t a fairytale, […] all shields could be dented.


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